Professional exterior home painters with quality paints can protect the outside of your home for ten years or longer.

A new coat of paint has a significant effect on the exterior of your home or business, bringing with it a variety of benefits that every owner should consider. The fact is, most homes or buildings should be repainted every five to ten years, depending on various factors such as location, climate, material surfaces, and previous paintwork.

Let's take a look at some of the essential advantages of exterior painting.

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Visual Curb Appeal

The look of your home or business can be as uniquely individual as you are, and exterior painting is a fabulous way to express yourself because it is virtually limitless in its possibilities.

Choosing a color palette that complements the design and reflects your sense of style can significantly enhance the architecture of the house or building as well as your own personal satisfaction in how it looks. The right choices of paint color and trim can remedy past lackluster color mistakes, add definition, contrast, and nuances-either subtle or bold-to elevate your home or business's visual curb appeal and take it from boring and nondescript to something truly remarkable.

Damage Control

A fresh coat of paint does more than freshen and beautify your house's exterior; it also provides invaluable protection by acting as a sealant. It creates a barrier against harsh or extreme weather conditions, preventing moisture, mold, mildew, and structural damage. It adds longevity to building materials, extending the life of siding, shingles, casements, wood, etc. Plus, it helps safeguard against insect damage and pest infestations, such as termites.

It's just that time...

Exterior paint has an expiration date.  The amount of time between the need for exterior paint jobs is partly a factor of the type of paint you use, the environment you live in and various other factors.  

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