Snow day in Dallas! As you prepare your home to withstand frigid temperatures, snow, and icy conditions, it’s important to know that painting your house exterior is a key element of the home winterizing process. The extreme weather conditions that winter brings can damage your siding, trim, shutters, doors, and windows if you aren’t adequately prepared. While painting your house can certainly give your home a fresh new look and improve its value, exterior painting before winter also offers additional benefits you may not have considered.

While snow is Dallas is rare, the colder temperatures and precipitation that a typical Dallas winters deliver still benefit from a professionally painted exterior to your home.

Here are the top 2 benefits that a well painted home exterior will bring to your Dallas home this winter:

  1. Safeguard your home from wood rot and other damage. A new exterior paint job will shield your home from excess moisture brought on by winter precipitation. If you don’t paint your home, winter weather can decrease the lifespan of your exterior surfaces. Your home's siding, trim, doors, and other exterior areas will become fully exposed to the elements, causing unnecessary damage that could otherwise be prevented with a simple paint refresh.

  2. Seal your home and keep warm air inside and cold air outside. A freshly painted exterior works to “seal” your home to keep your expensive heat inside the house. This means you will feel even more toasty on frigid days — and reduce chilly drafts that hinder your home's ability to keep warm.

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The Free Spirit collection from Sherwin Williams showcases some amazing colors, including "Tassel," a beautiful deep yellow with hints of brown and orange. Stars and Stripes Painting partners with Sherwin Williams on many of our painting projects because their paint is simply amazing. But also because they offer the best customer service and amazing tools to help our clients, such as a free color consultation with an expert.

While searching for examples and inspiration showcasing this paint color, we came across this amazing kitchen remodel that used The Free Spirit Collection, The College Housewife. Check out their amazing project below.

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Common Exterior Problems: Peeling & Cracking

Whats happening and what will

happen if left untreated:

Moisture usually sits here and breaks down the paint. Now that the paint is peeling off, moisture can get into the wood and damage the wood, leading to rotting boards which can only be replaced.

Where it's found:

Door Trim, Garage Trim, Railings, Posts

How we fix it and the benefits:

Scraping gets all the bad paint off. Sanding creates surface area and “bite” for a better bond. Primer protects better than paint, and also adheres better to wood. Creates great protection and will last longer.

Download this printable PDF guide below:

exterior problems peeling and cracking
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